BELOW, YOU WILL FIND THE HIP AND KNEE Session List for Saturday, January 25th 2020

1/25/20507:30 a8:15 aSession 1
Early Intervention
Moderator - Dr Huard
77:30 a7:37 aCombination Injection TherapiesDr Gottschalk
7:37 a7:44 aOrthobiologics as an Adjunct to Surgical Treatment: Opportunity and RisksDr Latterman
77:44 a7:51 aWhats new in ACL TechniquesDr Wodicka
77:51 a7:58 aTips to simplify a Revision ACLDr Yoldas
77:58 a8:05 aCartilage Implantation Technique StreamlinedDr Minas
158:05 a8:20 aQ&A
1/25/20438:20a9:03 aSession 2
Just Fix What’s Worn – What’s New in my Technique
Moderator - Dr Lombardi
78:20 a8:27 aMedial Robotic UniCompartmentalDr Wang
78:27 a8:34 aLateral Custom UniCompartmentalDr Fitz
78:34 a8:41 aBicomp’s and Bi-Uni’sDr Thienpont
78:41 a8:48 aRobotic Assisted ACL preserving TKRDr Chow
158:48 a9:03 aQ&A
1/25/20509:03 a9:53 aSession 3
How Should I Approach the Hip – How to get it right.
Moderator - Dr Meere
79:03 a9:10 aDirect AnteriorDr Burke
79:10 a9:17 aAnterior Robotic TechniqueDr Marchand
79:17 a9:24 aWhen the Anterior Approach goes sidewaysDr Golladay
79:24 a9:31 aHow I choose my Stem and tips to get it rightDr Parvataneni
79:31 a9:38 aTips for the perfect cement mantleDr Leone
159:38 a9:53 aQ&A
1/25/20159:53 a10:10 aCoffee Break
1/25/204310:10 a10:53 aSession 4
Hip Complexities
Moderator - Dr Gustke
710:10 a10:17 aHow to Define the Spine-Pelvic RelationshipDr Mont
710:17 a10:24 aTHR for a fracture – Best OptionsDr Heppinstall
710:24 a10:31 aWhen I use Dual Mobility and Why?Dr Jerabeck
710:31 a10:38 aHeard a Crack - Now What?Dr Prieto
1510:38 a10:53 aQ & A Panel – Case Presentations
1/25/205710:53 a11:00 aSession 5
Knee Arthroplasty
Moderator - Dr Thienpont
710:53 a11:00 aWhat are my targets of Intra-op Knee StabilityDr Roche
711:00 a11:07 aFixed Varus – My New Approach with the RobotDr Gustke
711:07 a11:14 aHow I Modify the Bone for Knee BalanceDr Meere
711:14 a11:21 aValgus Knee- Perfect Every TimeDr Lyons
711:21 a11:28 aTips Preparing a Press Fit Knee - ? PatellaDr Marchand
711:28 a11:35 aI Can’t get Stability – How and When I Constrain ItDr H. Rueda
1511:35 a11:50 aQ&A
1011:50 a12:00 pSmith & Nephew Presentation
1/25/2012:00 p1:00 pLunch
1/25/20501:00 p2:00 pSession 6
Surgical Evolution in my Patient Journey
Moderator - Dr Golladay
61: 00 p1:06 pDeveloping Quality Metrics and Efficient Surgical MetricsDiane Doucette
61:06 p1:12 pMy New Multimodal Pain approach worksDr Thienpont
61:12 p1:18 pMy Transition to Outpatient SurgeryDr Lombardi
61:18 p1:24 pI handle my pre-op co-morbidities this wayDr Mont
61:24 p 1:30 pMy tips for preventing an infectionDr Higuera Rueda
61:30 p1:36 pHow do I prevent readmissions with TelemedicineDr Hernandez
61:36 p1:42 pIt's Time to Set up a Stem Cell ProgramDr Best
181:42 p2:00 pQ&A
1/25/20602:00 p3:00 pSession 7
Knee Revisions
Moderator - Dr Parvataneni
62:00 p2:06 pThe Stiff Knee – When and How I InterveneDr Bonutti
62:06 p2:12 pRecurrent Effusion – Diagnosis and TreatDr Chow
62:12 p2:18 pMy Uni Hurts – What nowDr Roche
62:18 p2:24 pTKR Looks Good – Feels Bad – “Data Driven Revisions”Dr Meere
62:24 p2:30 pTips to a Metaphyseal Sleeve UtilizationDr Riesgo
62:30 p2:36 pTechnique to get a Hinge in RightDr Burke
62:36 p2:42 pHow I pick my Antibiotic SpacerDr Lyons
62:42 p2:48 pHow I get around this retained HardwareDr Jerabeck
122:48 p3:00 pQ&A
1/25/20403:00 p3:40 pSession 8
Hip Revisions
Moderator - Dr Higuera-Rueda
63:00 p3:06 pWhat I’ve learned with CT PlanningDr Marchand
63:06 p3:12 pDislocated Again – Treat it for the Last TimeDr Fitz
63:12 p3:18 pTips to get this femoral stem outDr Riesgo
63:18 p3:24 pWhen I use a VACDr Gosthe
63:24 p3:30 pMy THR still hurts – Tips to Determine Why?Dr Parvataneni
103:30 p3:40 pQ&A
1/25/20203:40 p4:00 pCoffee Break
1/25/20604:00 p5:00 pSession 9
Case Presentations - I Have a Tip for You.
Would Have - Should Have
Moderators - Dr Lombardi /Dr Mont / Dr Gutske
4:00 p4:08 pCase 1Dr Leung
4:08 p4:16 pCase 2Dr Heppinstall
4:16 p 4:22 pCase 3Dr Chen
4:22 p 4:28 pCase 4Dr Courtney
4:28 p 4:36 pCase 5Dr Gosthe
4:36 p 4:42 pCase 6Dr Hernandez
4:42 p4:48 pCase 7Dr Tomaschko
4:48 p4:52 pCase 8Dr Delgado
4:52 p5:00 pCase 9Dr Grandic
1/25/205:00 p5:00 pAwards / Conclude