Below is the agenda for Friday January 24th, 2020

1/24/20604:30 p5:30 pE-Poster and Cocktails: Welcome

The Present and future of healthcare - Moderator Dr. Roche

1/24/20155:30 p5:45 pCybersecurity - How malware is breaching hospital networksRobert Villanueva
1/24/20155:45 p6:00 pHow Orthopedic Surgeons Should Prepare for the FutureDr Lavernia
1/24/20156:00 p6:15 pHow Hospitals are Becoming Consumer CentricDr Barsoum
1/24/20156:15 p6:30 pDeveloping a "Hospital Within a Hospital"Dr Schutzer
1/24/20156:30 p6:45 pHow to Collaborate with HealthCare Systems - Tenet's ApproachDr Chow
1/24/20206:45 p7:05 pRound TableDr Chow, Dr Lavernia,
Dr Barsoum, Diane Doucette

Serve Dinner

What's Coming in 2020 - Moderator Dr Lombardi

1/24/20207:25 p7:45 pBOA – Market Focus on Orthopedics and Spine - Future Winners
1/24/20107:45 p7:55 pFOS President- Update on Orthopedics in 2020Dr Lyons
1/24/20158:00 p8:15 pThe Future of Biologics in Regenerative and Translation Musculoskeletal CareDr Huard
1/24/2068:15 p8:21 pNew Technologies in Shoulder Arthroplasty 2020Dr Levy
1/24/2068:21 p8:27 pNew Technologies in Spine Surgery 2020Dr Asghar
1/24/2068:27 p8:33 pNew Technologies in Sports Medicine 2020Dr Kaplan
1/24/2068:33 p8:39 pNew Technologies in Infection Detection 2020Dr H Rueda
1/24/2068:39 p8:45 pNew Technologies Joint Reconstruction 2020Dr Roche
1/24/2068:45 p8:51 pThe Balance of Innovation, Economics, and “Value”Dr Ianotti
1/24/20158:51 p9:05 pQ/A
1/24/209:05 pClosing Statements